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Wilhelm Imaging Research is a tremendous resource for those wishing to know more about
the longevity of todays photographic processes.

A whopping collection of most excellent photographers
and photographs of all genres. Go to Fabfotos, lots to see there.

The Art List - Monthly e-Newsletter and searchable database listing upcoming Art Contests, Art Competitions, and Opportunites for visual artists and photographers.

Emerald City Art - look here for a peak at some of the participants in Seattle's art scene. Well worth the diversion.

Landscape Photography by Jeremy Turner - Wilderness, landscape and fine art photography
from Australia and New Zealand. Very well done.

Extraordinary photography both digital and traditional. Check out
Sign up for their excellent and informative newsletter. Helyn Davenport, the keeper of this fine

site, graciously granted me the Picture of the Month award for September 2002.

Michael Hudson, see work from his travels in and around the British Isles and United
States. Michael has an excellent selection of stock photography as well as his beautiful
fine art creations. Lots of hand colored b+w, also.

If you would like to know more about the care and feeding of photographs,
please visit the informative site of Don Basch.

Here is a good place to get inspired. More Great Photography Sites. Numerous
works on numerous sites - lots of good things.

Lynn Radeka, top notch imagery. Large format b+w and color landscapes. Classic western vision. Posters, publications, and useful photographer's tools available here. Tell him Jeff says hello.

How about famous quotations regarding art? May I suggest Art Quotes. There is an
abundance of quotations by famous and less famous personalities on many other subjects, too.
They've even quoted me! Wonderful material, very entertaining.

Like to see more of Washington's scenic northeast corner? As well as some hand-picked
photographer/artists? You will enjoy Al Camp's Large format, meticulously
zoned, black and white.

Good things here - Tranquil Images, the work of Edward Margiewicz. An excellent source for
hand-crafted Ilfochrome (Cibachrome) landscape prints.

Bob Snell throws his heart into his photography. A wide variety of subjects in both color and b+w.
Many special moments, especially the cats and dogs. Now go have a look!

Steve Terry, a fellow expressionist operating out of the UK.

A superb talent with wonderful imagery, visit Qui Tan Li. Landscapes and more.

Photography resources - directory of photography related websites and discussion groups.

Some of the most beautiful and imaginative floral photography I've
laid eyes on. Have a look at Randy Dana's work. He's also a
fellow PCNWer. (Photographic Center Northwest.)

Another fellow PCNWer: check out Terry Karboski's beautiful work.
I really like it.  Quiet and deep. Several categories.

A large-format landscape photographer whose work I find most inspiring,
check out the color photographs of Christopher Burkett.

For a wealth of information on infrared photography
as well as a few bonus subjects stop by WJ's Photo Homepage.

For more about the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest National Monument
Leonard Miller has put together a wonderful set of pages.

At Art Beyond the Edge you will find one-of-a-kind, original abstract acrylic paintings for home, office, gifts, or investment purposes; for the corporate or private investor.

These are the folks who taught me my trade:
Photographic Center  Northwest. The PCNW.

Possibly some of the finest black and white photography in existence is presented
here at the Lenswork publications online gallery.

Looking for something to do in the United Kingdom? Investigate Brian Allen's
Snowdonia Photographic Workshops.



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